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November Superintendent's Report

Oregon Promise gives the high school Class of 2016 the opportunity for full or partial tuition grants to attend community college.

SSS Announcements for November 24


There will be No School Wednesday through Friday this week. Enjoy your time off - Happy Thanksgiving!

SSS Announcements for November 23

Blood Drive

If you are able, please donate blood today to help save lives! Once you are finished with the process, please return to class.

SSS Announcements for November 16


There will be a rep from Portland State University here TODAY at 1 PM in the College Center. Stop by if you are interested!

Stanfield Elementary News - November

Find out which students were recognized during our Breakfast of Champions, as well as information about our Parent Teacher Group (PTG) - all in this month's newsletter!

Stanfield Elementary News - October

This month we will be discussing Positive Behavior and Instructional Supports. You can also find the dates and times for the upcoming Parent/Teacher Conferences.

Stanfield Elementary News - September

Summer can be a busy time for teachers as they gear up, attend workshops, and prepare or the upcoming school year. This summer we were able to send both Mrs. Sharp (Kindergarten teacher) and Mrs. Halsey (Title I teacher) to the National Safe and Civil Schools Conference in Portland.

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