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Supreme Court Considers How Schools Support Students With Disabilities

The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments on Wednesday in a dispute that advocates describe as the most important case involving public school special education in three decades.

At issue is whether federal law requires public schools to provide more than the bare minimum in special services for children with disabilities. With millions of children qualifying for these services, the court’s ruling could have a profound effect.

SSS Announcements for January 23

Robotics - Congratulations Rachelle Nycz, Isaac Nycz, Trenton Fitzpatrick, and Kendall Cooper for advancing to the Super Qualifiers in FTC Robotics. They placed 1st place for the Think Award. They also received 3rd place for the Inspire Award, which is the most prestigious award robotics has to offer.

2017 Aspiring Nurse Scholarship - Seniors interested in studying nursing: information about the 2017 Aspiring Nurse Scholarship is posted on the scholarship bulletin board. Go check it out!

SSS Announcements for January 17

WSU Tri-Cities College Information Night - Washington State University - Tri-Cities will be hosting a College Information Night at Hermiston High School at 6 PM on Wednesday, January 18th. This is a great opportunity to learn about WSU Tri-Cities and its programs, out of state scholarships and the Western Undergraduate Exchange program, college housing, and more. There will be presentations in English and Spanish.

SSS Announcements for January 12

End of Semester - Thursday is the end of our semester. Work hard this week!

Surveys - Surveys: If you are in 9-12th grade and have not taken the school performance survey, please see your advisor for the link and do so ASAP. There is also a parent survey that is part of our school performance. The link is on the website and the facebook page. Please ask your parents if they have taken the survey. It is very important that we get as many responses as possible.

SES Parking Lot Safety

January 10, 2017

Dear Stanfield Elementary School Parents:   

I have become increasingly concerned about the dangerous conditions in our parking lot before and after school at Stanfield Elementary School.  Drivers are not following the rules of the road and are continuing to ignore parking signs and regulations.  I understand that the parking lot may not be large enough, however, we must do a better job of keeping our children safe.  Please review and follow these suggestions in order to make our parking lot safer.

Stanfield Elementary Elk’s Hoop Shoot 2016

Stanfield Elementary Elk’s Hoop Shoot 2016

Top Tiger qualifiers (out of 25 free throws) are:

8-9 Year Old Division

  • Boys -   Leopoldo Longoria (18)   Landon Bailey (14)
  • Girls  -   Jayden Bertsch (7)        Cassandra Keeney (4)

10-11 Year Old Vision

  • Boys -   Pablo Arellano (17)         Dillan Baros (15)
  • Girls  -   Saira Arellano (6)           Aylin Gomez Hernandez (5)

This year’s free-throw competition had 150 participants giving it their best shot to qualify! Way to shoot the “ROCK” boys and girls!!!

SES Thanksgiving Lunch

Shelley and us serving.jpgSES Thanksgiving Lunch

Today at Stanfield Elementary School we had our Thanksgiving lunch. We had staff from various departments come and help serve, stock food, take tickets, and clean.  It was nice to interact with the students, staff, and parents.

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