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Stanfield School District Wellness Policy SSD 4/25/2017
SSS Announcements for April 25 SSS 4/25/2017
SSS Announcements for April 24 SSS 4/24/2017
SSS Announcements for April 20 SSS 4/20/2017
SSS Announcements for April 19 SSS 4/19/2017
SSS Announcements for April 18 SSS 4/18/2017
SSS Announcements for April 17 SSS 4/17/2017
SSS Announcements for April 12 SSS 4/12/2017
SSS Announcements for April 11 SSS 4/11/2017
Achieve 300 Read to Succeeed Challenge SES 4/10/2017
SSS Announcements for April 10 SSS 4/10/2017
SSS Announcements for April 6 SSS 4/6/2017
Parent - Teacher Conferences SSD 4/4/2017
School Board Director Election - Deadline to File 3/16/2017 SSD 3/9/2017
Looking for Stanfield School District Budget Committee Members SSD 3/6/2017
Tiger Boys' Basketball Move on to Championship Game SSD 3/4/2017
Jump/Hoops for Heart 2017 SES 3/2/2017
Job Opening -- Building Services Position SSD 2/27/2017
School Board Elections SSD 2/23/2017
Oregon lawmakers try to fight the scourge of heavy backpacks SSD 2/22/2017
School Board Director Election SSD 2/16/2017
Read Across America SSD 2/16/2017
Read Across America 2017 SES 2/19/2017
Webinar-Become A Stanfield School District's Board of Education Director, 2/15/17 SSD 2/14/2017
Webinar-Become A Stanfield School District's Board of Education Director SSD 2/9/2017
Statewide campaign aims to get more people to run for school boards SSD 2/7/2017
New System for Reporting School Safety Concerns SSD 1/27/2017
Finding Words in Paint: How Artists See Dyslexia SSD 1/25/2017
Supreme Court Considers How Schools Support Students With Disabilities SSD 1/12/2017
Public Invited to ODE Feedback Session -- POSTPONED due to weather SSD 1/11/2017
Stanfield Reader Board SSD 1/11/2017
SES Parking Lot Safety SES 1/10/2017
ODE 2016-17 Annual Notice for Statewide Tests SSD 1/10/2017
Students Invited to Technology Expo in March SSS 1/5/2017
Is Free College Really Free? SSD 1/5/2017
Worried About Screen Time? Don't Let Kids Go It Alone SSD 1/4/2017
Parent Survey for SSS Accreditation SSS 1/4/2017
Generators Up for Silent Bid SSD 12/20/2016
Stanfield School District Garage Sale & 2 Silent Bid Items SSD 12/13/2016
Winter Break Activity Resources SSD 12/15/2016
For College Students With Kids, Getting Cheap Child Care Is A Challenge SSD 12/14/2016
Real Parents, Real Talk About Kids And Screens SSD 12/13/2016
Dyslexia: The Learning Disability That Must Not Be Named, Part 4 SSD 12/12/2016
Raising A Child With Dyslexia: 3 Things Parents Can Do, Part 3 SSD 12/9/2016
How Science Is Rewiring The Dyslexic Brain Part 2 SSD 12/8/2016
School Closures, Delays and Other Emergency Related Information SSD 12/7/2016
Millions Have Dyslexia, Few Understand It, Part 1 SSD 12/5/2016
Oregon outshines most states at reporting to parents on school performance SSD 12/1/2016
GEAR-UP Survey for Parents SSS 11/29/2016
2016 OSAA / U.S. Bank / Les Schwab Tires 2A Football State Championship SSD 11/21/2016
History: Stanfield's Last Football Title was 1957 SSD 11/17/2016
Stanfield Elementary Elk’s Hoop Shoot 2016 SES 11/17/2016
SES Thanksgiving Lunch SES 11/17/2016
Conscious Discipline Training SES 11/17/2016
Elementary PE NEWS FLASH SES 11/8/2016
Employment Opportunities SSD 11/3/2016
Parent's Guides to Student Success SSD 10/27/2016
Facilities Committee Meeting SSD 10/25/2016
Tiger's Football - LEAGUE CHAMPS SSD 10/24/2016
District Releases Testing Results for Lead in Water SSD 8/31/2016
Employment Opportunities SSD 8/23/2016
Athletic registration and paperwork SSS 8/22/2016
2016-2017 Calendar SES 4/1/2016
Fresh food and even better atmosphere SES 11/25/2014
Fresh food and even better atmosphere SSD 11/25/2014
When to Keep Your Sick Child Home SES 2/1/2014
Stanfield Secondary School awarded $45,000 GEAR UP grant SSS 8/2/2013
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Stanfield School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, disability, marital status, age or sex in providing employment, education or access to education services, activities and programs in accordance with Title VI, Title VII, Title IX and other civil rights and discrimination issues; Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended; and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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