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Stanfield School District

Stanfield School District, about 23 hours ago

Save these dates....Stanfield Elementary School Parents
August 24th-Pre-K Registration, 9-2 pm. August 25th-Kindergarten and NEW Student Registration, 9-2 pm. Please bring Birth Certificate, Immunizations and proof of physical address for Pre-K and Kinder. For new students grades 1st-5th please bring proof of physical address.

Masks will be required in the building. Any questions, please contact the school at 541-449-3305.

Stanfield School District

Stanfield School District, 1 day ago

Save the Date! Stanfield Secondary School Parents!

Parents please plan on attending WITH your student(s). SOME of our forms require parent/guardian signature.

We will be doing our Chromebook handout/Registration. Please come to the parking lot of Stanfield Elementary School during your allocated day and time. Because of the Governor’s order, we will be doing this drive up style. Please, stay in your cars. Please bring siblings that are students at SSS as well.

This plan is JUST for Students 6th through 12th. We will not have any SES supplies.

August 25th (SES Parking lot)
Seniors 4pm to 5pm
Juniors 5pm to 6pm
Sophomores 6pm to 7pm
Freshmen 7pm to 8pm

August 26th (SES Parking lot)
8th grade 5pm to 6pm
7th grade 6pm to 7pm
6th Graders 7pm to 8pm

Debbie Dever

Debbie Dever, 1 day ago

While we appreciate that parents are eager to register their students, while we are in Baseline due to local case counts and the COVID-19 pandemic, we are limiting the number of people in our school offices. Please follow your school’s Facebook page and the district’s website for information about the dates of registration. Registration dates and times will be published in the coming days.

The paperwork is also on our website under “Parent Resources.” If you have questions, please feel free to contact your school secretaries at 541-449-3305.


Estamos muy agradecidos de que los padres de familia estén ansiosos por registrar a sus estudiantes, pero debido a que en el área local estamos en base con la pandemia COVID-19, estamos limitando el número de personas en las oficinas de las escuelas. Por favor busque en Facebook o la página del del Distrito para las fechas de la registración. La fecha y los horarios serán publicados en los próximos dias.

Las formas para llenar están disponibles en las redes bajo” Parent Resources” Si tiene preguntas por favor llame a las secretarías de la escuela al 541-449-3305

Debbie Dever

Debbie Dever, 2 days ago

Stanfield School District Board of Directors Regular Meeting will be held tomorrow, August 12. There will be a work session for the Board beginning at 5:15pm and the regular board meeting is scheduled to start at 6:00pm. It will be held via Zoom. The link for the meeting follows: