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Debbie Dever

Debbie Dever, about 9 hours ago

October is Farm to School Month. Our food service department utilizes a few of our local producers, and we would like to showcase one today.

Pat-N-Tam's Beef supplies a variety of animals products, including beef, port, and poultry. They raised their beef on pasture with access to vegetable screenings from a frozen vegetable plant. They believe in beef with no added hormones. The beef sold has never been fed antibiotics. It is federally inspected. They have never fed any animal proteins to our cattle, even when it was legal to do so.

They are a family owned business who support their local community and participate in various farmer's markets.

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Debbie Dever

Debbie Dever, 6 days ago

Stanfield School District Board of Directors will be holding their regular monthly meeting tomorrow, Wednesday, October 14, 2020, beginning at 6pm.

On September 1, 2020, the Governor issued Executive Order No. 20-38, which rescinded Executive Order No. 20-16. EO 20-16 required public bodies to hold public meetings and hearings by telephone, video, or other electronic or virtual means, “whenever possible.”

Those attending in-person public meetings must maintain social distancing of six or more feet between individuals, wherever possible. Additionally, all those attending public meetings must comply with the Oregon Health Authority’s Statewide Mask, Face Covering, Face Shield Guidance.

As a result of the above, we will conduct our meeting over Zoom and in-person. Please let the District know ahead of time if you wish to attend in-person, as we have limited space to maintain the social distancing. As stated, please wear a face covering.

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Beth Burton

Beth Burton, 7 days ago

Picture Day at Stanfield Elementary is Friday, October 16th! Come to the elementary school between 11am & 3pm to get a complimentary photo courtesy of Jennifer Brown Photography!

Debbie Dever

Debbie Dever, 8 days ago

The National School Lunch Program (NSLP) serves nearly 30 million children every school day. President John F. Kennedy created National School Lunch Week (NSLW) in 1962 to promote the importance of a healthy school lunch in a child’s life and the impact it has inside and outside of the classroom. The COVID-19 pandemic has without a doubt shown just how incredibly important school meals are for students and their families.

The 2020 NSLW theme Now Playing: School Lunch! #SchoolLunchWeek #NSLW20

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