Blue Stanfield SD banner with white text

This past year we created a Strategic Plan for our district using a steering committee of different stakeholders that represent our school and local community.  Our plan resulted in some identified improvement areas.  Communication was one of those areas.  As part of our goal, we are committed to making sure that the flow of information is timely and accurate.  Our new website and app is part of that commitment.

The new website has a totally different look.  We have partnered with Apptegy to give our website a makeover and increase the accessibility and user experience so that our school community will feel comfortable navigating the page for information.  It is readily translated to Spanish, and we are eager to get some feedback from our community.

We also have a new app that anyone can download for free from the iTunes store for Apple users or from Google Play for android. The district app replaces the outdated and rarely used app that was created several years ago.  The app is a central place to see our content, although you can still visit the district’s Facebook and Twitter pages separately if you choose.  Our hope is that new communication tools help everyone to stay more connected to the district, our staff and to the events in each school.