Quote about teaching with a dandelion

The Stanfield Board of Directors passed a resolution to name May 4th-8th, 2020 as Teacher Appreciation Week as the first week of May is usually Teacher Appreciation week across the country.   This year, however, we will spend this week honoring our teachers from afar as school facilities are closed due to COVID-19.  Our teachers have been working from home, providing instruction remotely as part of our Distance Learning for ALL plan.  With only a two-week notice, our teachers made a full pivot and adapted to create online learning environments to help students continue in their learning.  They have worked tirelessly to maintain connections with students and families, and each teacher has adapted their normal classroom activities to fit into digital and packet learning materials for each student.

Stanfield SD is lucky to have such dedicated and talented teachers.  In a district the size of ours, most of our teachers wear many hats coaching sports, advising clubs or volunteering to lead other student activities within the district.  One week is hardly enough time to adequately celebrate just how amazing our Stanfield teachers actually are, but especially THIS week (and every other week), we appreciate and acknowledge the fantastic work being done.  Happy Teacher Appreciation week!