The Stanfield Elementary School staff is dedicated to creating the safest and best learning environment possible for our students because we believe that we have some of the most respectful and responsible kids in the area. At Stanfield Elementary, we are working toward becoming bully-free by having zero tolerance toward any kind of bullying. Lessons about what bullying looks like, sounds like and how to avoid it are taught consistently in the classroom. Most importantly, students are taught how to choose safe, responsible and respectful strategies to solve conflicts.

Fighting, intimidation, and harassment are considered a big part of bullying. When an act of bullying happens at Stanfield Elementary, it is taken seriously by administration and dealt with firmly and quickly.

  • 1st Offense – Student counseled, call to parents and a 30-minute detention.

  • 2nd Offense – Student counseled, suspended and meeting with parents.

  • 3rd Offense – Student counseled, suspended with a possible expulsion and meeting with parents.


Classroom Expectations

  • Come to class on time and prepared

  • Work and play safely

  • Be respectful of others

Cafeteria Expectations

  • Eat quietly and politely

  • Keep hands, feet, and food to yourself

  • Remain seated until excused

  • Please clean up after yourself

Playground Expectations

  • Keep hands, feet, and body to yourself

  • Be respectful of students and staff

  • Work out differences peacefully

  • Pickup equipment when recess is over

  • Stay outside during recess

  • Ask for a pass if you need to go into the building during recess

  • Play only in designated areas

  • Lineup quickly when the bell rings

  • Play safely and use equipment appropriately


Misconduct: (Includes inappropriate physical and verbal behavior)

  • 1st Offense – Student counseled and problem-solving facilitated

  • 2nd Offense – Student counseled and 30-minute detention

  • 3rd Offense – Student counseled, detention, or suspension and meeting with parents

Insubordination: (refusing to follow directions/obey a school staff member)

  • 1st Offense – Student counseled and 30-minute detention

  • 2nd Offense – Student counseled and 30-minute detention

  • 3rd Offense – Student counseled, suspension, and meeting with parents