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Stanfield community, parents, staff & students,

We received new guidance yesterday from Oregon Health Authority (OHA) and Oregon Department of Education (ODE) regarding masks.    Because some of the changes affect students and families, we wanted to share the changes with you in hopes of reducing any confusion. The following changes apply to students, staff, parents, volunteers and spectators:

Pick-up and drop-off: No masks required outside.  Physical distancing is still required

Outdoor PE and recess:  No masks required. Physical distancing is still required.

Outdoor sporting events AND outdoor graduation: No masks required.  Physical distancing is still required.

Indoor sporting events:  No masks are required for those individuals who are fully vaccinated.  Fully vaccinated is defined as “14 days have passed since the individual’s final dose of COVID-19 vaccine”.  

School staff indoors:  No masks or physical distancing are required for fully vaccinated staff inside district buildings when students are not present.

School Board Meetings indoors:  No masks or physical distancing are required for fully vaccinated individuals at school board meetings if children are not present. 

Districts are required to verify vaccination status to ensure that unmasked individuals are fully vaccinated.  OHA defines proof of vaccination as “documentation provided by a tribal, federal, state or local government, or a health care provider, that includes an individual's name, date of birth, type of COVID-19 vaccine, date(s) given, name/location of health care provider or site where the vaccine was administered.  Documentation could be the actual vaccination record, the vaccination card, or a copy or digital picture of the vaccination card.

It is my hope that folks understand that the district is not, and has not, had any control over past or current requirements and mandates regarding COVID-19.  We are doing our best to follow the rules so that we can continue to operate and offer opportunities for students.  I understand that there are strong feelings about the protocols we already have in place, and I have appreciated the willingness of everyone to help us stay open by adhering to the things that are required of us.  Please bear with us as we work our way to the last day of school.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me:  beth.burton@stanfieldsd.org or (541) 449-8766.


Beth Burton, Superintendent