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March 8, 2022

At the end of the day Friday, the state’s indoor mask mandate will end.  This means that masks will become optional in public indoor spaces, including K-12 school facilities.  For many students, staff, and families, this is great news and cause for celebration.  For others, this news causes some anxiety and uncertainty.

Administrators around the state, myself included, have repeatedly asked for the opportunity to make local decisions using local data, and we are finally receiving it.  The Stanfield School District will no longer require masks after March 11th, and masks will become optional for students, staff and visitors.

As we make this shift, I want to encourage all parents to talk to your students about personal choice, specifically with regards to masks.  Individually and collectively, we must all be free to make the choice that is best for each of us.  In turn, we must respect the choices of others, especially those who choose differently from us.  Bullying, harassment, or peer pressure to wear a mask (or to not wear a mask) goes against Stanfield School District’s core values:  Communication, Opportunities, Community and Relationships.

Our district remains committed to a safe, positive atmosphere focused on learning and enriching experiences.  Please help us continue forward in this work by supporting the personal masking choices of all students and staff when we come to school on March 14th without an indoor mask requirement.  

If you have questions or concerns, please contact me at the district office by phone or email:  (541) 449-8766 or

Thank you for your continued support,

Beth Burton, Superintendent